Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Black Keys, Hippies, Apologies

So I've been too busy having fun to blog about the fun I'm having...incidentally, I use the same excuse for photographs on vacations (or lack thereof).

Summer in Winnipeg has been beautiful thus far, and while not at the lake, I've been fortunate to have some pretty fabulous events to attend...

The Black Keys

I actually remember where I was sitting and what I was eating when I learned that this band was made up of two white dudes from Ohio because I think I fell out of my chair. These guys are scary good, and their show at the MTS Centre was no exception.

Winnipeg Folk Festival

Blue Rodeo, Jayhawks, Imaginary Cities and Jeff Tweedy (just to name a few) were all such a treat to see, and the venue? Well, it simply can't be beat. And though I didn't camp this year, rumours of a naked wedding in the festival campground certainly have my curiosity piqued for next year.

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