Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Twitter Fight

Perhaps the question: 'How out of the loop am I?' is fairly redundant, given that I've just started a blog (welcome to 2003 seems to be the resounding theme of feedback from friends who've read it).

My naivety in dealing with the World Wide Web was evidenced yesterday when, much to my surprise, a person who I had never met engaged me in a war of words on Twitter.


Maybe I've completely missed the mark on the whole idea behind Twitter, but it was always my sense that it was a platform for expressing ideas, thoughts and opinions to people who were interested in what you had to say (hence the term 'Followers'). I certainly wouldn't be surprised if one of my friends or colleagues took issue with a chirpy comment of mine, but to have a complete stranger challenge me on my lack of research into issues surrounding the Air Canada strike? I know there are some odd ducks out there, but I guess I'm still shocked that there are people who troll the Twitter News Feed, looking for random people to fight with.

By the way, here's the chirpy tweet and subsequent reply...

I'd show you more, but she deleted her subsequent posts. @PyperJayne - #winning

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